pu Matthew Von Doran


Matthew Von Doran plays Godin guitars...

  • The Montreal - Signature Series electric
  • Multiac Grand Concert SA - nylon string acoustic
  • Glissentar - 11 string fretless nylon string acoustic


… and, Matthew also loves his Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top Classic!


Photo by Terence Love




Welcome to the site! Here are the latest happenings, along with some highlights from the last couple of years...


  • I am excited to announce that my
    new guitar video instruction website,
    99 Decisions, has launched!!

    99 Decisions is a an instructional video website for guitar that takes you from being an absolute beginner to becoming a functional musician. Using a holistic approach, it guides you through a series of choices on what to practice so you will end up with all the skill sets you need to play the music you want to play. Along the way you will also learn valuable strategies that enable you to be effective with all your efforts.

    If you already play guitar, this course is great for filling in any missing pieces of your musicianship skills... smooth chord transitions, expanded strumming technique, broader chord & scale vocabulary, learning to navigate the fretboard, being creative with what you know and more.

    99 Decisions is also scalable so you can easily fit it into your schedule. You can go through all the lessons in order or jump around & explore. This approach keeps it fluid & fun so there’s no stress.

  • Happy On The Ground: 8 Days at GRAMMY Camp is soon to be available on iTunes. This full-length documentary film shows the experiences of the exceptional students who attend the world's most prestigious music career camp. This summer will be my ninth year teaching there & the amount of talent displayed by these students is phenomenal. Thank you Angela, Lee & everyone at Media Meld Studios for capturing that on film for all to see. For more info, please visit www.mediameldstudios.com

The band I toured with in 2010,

La Quinta Estacion, has won Best Latin Pop Album at the 52nd annual GRAMMY Awards.

  • Click here for footage from the Dizzy's show in San Diego, featuring Andy Suzuki, Jimmy Haslip & Joel Taylor.

  • Study with MvD in person or online!!
    Personalized curriculum guitar lessons are now
    available online or in my studio. Please click here for details or you can click contact above to email me.
    Pdf versions of all the music for In This Present Moment are now available over on the charts page.
    Buy the CD, get three charts FREE!
    Details on that very same charts page.

  • You can peruse some reviews,
    if you choose, on the reviews page or in the press kit.

  • ITPM is still getting tons of airplay in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy & Australia,
    as well as all of the US & Canada.

  • Also, be sure to check out the FREE exclusive track, 'Refi", that is only available off this website. Head on over to the CD page to download this song now. Did I say it was FREE?!
    (Rest assured that you will not be prosecuted by the RIAA)


  • The

Tritone Guitars Gear Expo

March 21, 2015
11:00am - 4:00pm
Metropolitan Artist Lofts 500 N Grand Blvd.
St. Louis 63103
Click here for more info.






  "Von Doran's got the chops to impress, mature and creative tunes to open your ears, and a hip modern jazz sound that's a breath of fresh air."

- Kellen Yamanaka
KKJZ fm, Los Angeles




Produced by Jimmy Haslip. Featuring Bob Mintzer, Larry Goldings, Peter Erskine, James Genus, Terri Lyne Carrington, Darek Oles, Bob Sheppard, and more.