me at steamers jazz club in fullerton, ca

Me, Russel Ferrante, Robben Ford, Tollak Ollestad, Roger Burn, Dave Derge, Jimmy Haslip at the Shapes' sessions

check out the cool fort peter built in front of his kick drum, using only a blanket

bob sheppard can play the saxophone

at the end of a long day of tracking, everyone looked like this to me

me & tony palkovic after doing his jazz/fusion radio show on KSPC 88.7

one is good, two are better

first day of tracking, peter erskine, darek oleszkiewicz, & myself

I told peter there were little men with crayons inside my camera

rich breen- he made this record sound FANTASTIC!

wait a minute… is my producer SLEEPING!!#@*?

my good friend & rockin’ bass player, charlie ewing

doesn’t jimmy know larry hates it when you whistle the melody to him?

terri lyne, showing off her way cool braids

myself with larry goldings & terri lyne carrington

second engineer, hatch inagaki. I think I squeezed him too hard

when I recorded in new york, I got to see wayne krantz play at the 55 bar

at the 55 bar with, of all people, cecil taylor- he smelled strongly of incense & something else, I know not what

right track studio in NYC - malcom pollack, engineer, bob mintzer, jimmy haslip, me, roger burn, marcus baylor, and james genus

me at right track studio in NYC