THURSDAY, JANUARY 9th, 2014  5:23pm

I am excited to announce that my new guitar video instruction website is about to launch!

99 Decisions is a an instructional video course for guitar that takes you from being an absolute beginner to becoming a functional musician. Using a holistic approach, it guides you through a series of choices on what to practice so you will end up with all the skill sets you need to play the music you want to play. Along the way you will also learn valuable strategies that enable you to be effective with all your efforts.

If you already play guitar, this course is great for filling in any missing pieces of your musicianship skills... smooth chord transitions, expanded strumming technique, broader chord & scale vocabulary, learning to navigate the fretboard, being creative with what you know, and more.

99 Decisions is also scalable so you can easily fit it into your schedule. You can go through all the lessons in order or jump around & explore. This approach keeps it fluid & fun so there’s no stress.

We'll be launching soon, so stay tuned!







THURSDAY, JANUARY 17th, 2013  1:18am

Okay, I can't keep making jokes about how long I wait between posts. The fact is, thanks to all the amazing electronic gadgets that make our lives so streamlined & efficient, my life is crazy busy... just like yours is. I don't even have time to tweet or post on FB, let alone write this many words down at a time. But I had to at least throw a new blog post up to keep it current.

I am excited about going to my 33rd NAMM show. I know, 33rd! It's a total blast and I have so many great memories, connections & career moments that all lead back to the 4 fabulous days that are NAMM. Lots of people can't stand it, but you've got to keep the right mind-set to do it. Plus, it's the best people watching ever. Check out or search youtube clips... it's like cat videos but louder.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4th, 2011  12:28pm

alas, poor blogpost... why do i negelct thee?

  so, it was a productive summer & this fall is going nicely. i've been busy with various projects here in town, as well as around the US.

 this week i'm working with the sheldon theater here in STL & i'm doing a history of the blues for inner city kids. i seem to have a knack these days for putting myself in situations that force me to stretch & grow my muscianship skills. i am actually playing delta blues songs on a national resonator guitar as well as singing. yes, i said singing. apparently,i have finally found a mutually beneficial genre for my odd voice.

 rehearsal went well yesterday... we'll see what the kids say tomorrow.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 11th, 2011  10:47pm

 Holy Cow! What happened to my blogging? i seem to be challenged in this particular discipline. i'm not so consistent with facebook either. i enjoy the communicating, i really do. it's just that i always have a zillion things i'm working on and my blog gets neglected. i'm sorry little blog... please don't take it personally. really. i mean it... stop crying.

one thing i am totally consistent with is The NAMM Show. i think this will be my 31st? yikes. that's a lotta NAMM. leaving in two days. can't wait... i love the NAMM show. and i'm not afraid to admit it.



MONDAY, APRIL 12, 2010  12:12pm

 this is, by far, the longest i've gone between blog posts. been busy, as usual.... lots o' playing & education. the touring i did with la quinta estacion was a blast. we were in caracas, venezuela, when we found out we won the GRAMMY in february. this week i've been preparing for doing some arts integration through the center for creative arts (COCA), here in STL. starting this week, i'll be working with a 2nd grade teacher showing her class how music & math correlate. most of my classroom teaching experience has been at the high school & university level, so if it doesn't end up with me duct-taped in a chair in the corner while they run wild, i'll consider it a success. GRAMMY camp will be here before i know it... it's the 6th one & i can rest assured it will be a blast, as always. just bought a bike rack for the car so now i'm going to ride trails around the country. i'm looking forward to a great summer!



SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31st, 2009  10:47pm

 so here i sit in my room at mandalay bay in las vegas, after getting brought on board the 'no brakes' world tour with latin pop sensation, la quinta estacion. in yet another crazy turn in my career, i was referred to their music director, javier barrera, by my new st louis friend, J. hayes, product specialist for PRS Guitars. it all happened really fast & i had a ton of tunes to learn but the first show at the nokia theater in los angeles went great. now we have a show tomorrow at the house of blues and then we play one song on the latin grammys on thursday. i have to say that this is the nicest band & crew i have ever toured with. they're all from mexico city and the band is very cool & tight. this gig will keep me busy throughout november as we are going on to miami, venezuela & some other dates.

i am the only gringo out of about twenty people so i'm working on pulling out my jr high spanish chops. so far, that's not going muy bueno.



FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2009  1:48am

 so i just met this cool drummer, steve davis, who lives in new york & st louis, like i live in socal & stl. totally cool guy & a great player so it's fun to have someone new to jam with. he'll actually be doing the two nights at the jazz bistro that i have coming up. dave hiltebrand, my good friend & bassist from chicago is on the gig and i'm really looking forward to getting to play at the midwest's premiere jazz venue. one of the nights is on halloween though. i'm not sure what that'll mean, but i'm pretty sure i won't be dressing up in costume. i've found that what seems funny & clever as you put it on before the gig turns out to be completely ridiculous after the third song of the first set.

 i've got lots of great projects in the works so it feels good to be busy & productive. more posts will be coming shortly as things develop.



MONDAY, AUGUST 25th, 2009  3:17am

 what a cool tour i just had... corey christiansen, of whom's house i bought here in saint louis, and i went up to the interlochen school of the arts, in interlochen, michigan, for a week-long guitar festival. what a blast. i love music camp. and who wouldn't love music camp? trees, guitars, musicians, awful cafeteria food, guitars, trees, trees that are now guitars, guitar geeks talking about guitars while eating in the cafeteria... you get the idea. we did a very cool concert along with the most awesome vic juris. vic is from jersey & he looks like an extra from the sopranos, but he plays very modern jazz, like corey & i. he's got the old school attitude & humor and the three of us make for an interesting band. we're talking about possibly doing an album together and some touring.

 anyways, this particular little "tour" started with just corey & myself playing at the gramophone here in STL and then we drove ten hours up to MI. on the way back we played in fort wayne, indiana, at club soda. our bassist for the evening was awol and, fortunately, we scrounged up another one last minute, which wasn't easy to do in ft wayne on a saturday night. he did good and it was a great show for a great crowd. turns out, the bassist that was suppose to do the gig was in the hospital after car accident a few days earlier. he is okay, thank goodness. the things people will do to get out of a gig.

 next up... the old webster jazz & blues festival, right here in my own cool little neighborhood. i can hear it from my kitchen window. i'm seriously thinking about wheeling my amp from my house up the sidewalk to the stage.



TUESDAY, JULY 21st, 2009  4:39pm

 so i just got back from teaching at Grammy Summer Music Camp. what an awesome week. it is truly an amazingly intensive & inspiring experience. it's also very humbling to see so much talent in people who are so young... 14 to 19 years old. we really create a great opportunity for them to see all that is involved in preparing for & sustaining a career in music. we throw a lot at them... writing, arranging, recording, performing. but i think they get the deepest lessons when things go wrong for real and then they have to deal with it. like marlon perkins use to say at they end of 'mutual of omaha's wild kingdom' ...

"these scenes, whether actual or created, depict authentic facts."



MONDAY, JUNE 30th, 2009  12:28am

  wow... did i just totally geek out. four hours ago i started grabbing album artwork for a few records in itunes that were missing their covers. i can now say that every single one of my albums & playlists has some kind of artwork. this particular task was way down the to-do list, but i have to say... i had a blast hunting for images while i listened to tons of track i haven't heard in ages. and you know what made it even more fun?...
i was suppose to be finishing up painting the bathroom in my basement.


MONDAY, JUNE 15th, 2009  6:32am

 so i'm sitting here in heathrow airport, london, england, after spending a week at the london international music show. it was a blast... i got to hang out with my mates at and do some filming of web lessons & i made some new mates as well, as i played a the Elixir Strings booth (of whom i'm endorsed by). and i had some impromptu jams through out the conference.
i've got to say though, that i experienced some of the worst food i've ever had. the brits seem to be aware of their reputation for awful cuisine so i'm not sure why they choose to do nothing about it. i can't say that i really gave it all a fair shake because i never got into london itself but i was in some very nice restaurants by the excel convention center.
i will say this... i had the most rockin'  Indian food in Romford.

FRIDAY, MAY 24th, 2009 12:33am

You know what makes me happy?...
new gear. and sometimes, old gear that i haven't used in forever. then it's kinda like new gear, but not. i do that with clothes as well. but then it's out of fashion. unless you've had it a really long time. then's it vintage hip.

but i digress...

so i've grown somewhat tired of my multi-effects pedal, which sounds wonderful, but you know how it goes. it works great... it's just that i have a hankering for something new & stimulating. so i decide i'm going to pull out my lexicon mpx1, multi-efx processor extraordinaire, and run it into the efx loop of my mesa boogie lonestar guitar amp. when i used it before, i had a very convoluted rig where i mic'd the amp & ran it into a mic pre, into a mixer, into the mpx1, into a pair of powered mackie monitors, which were serving double-duty as my acoustic guitar monitors. it was stereo heaven.

but now i am enjoying earthly mono. but it's really good mono. lexicon is the lexus of effects processors. you can route the effects in a gajillion configurations so i've got the modulation efx split off & rejoining the signal after the delay & verb so it all comes out a little cleaner.

it all sounds bitchin'. which then makes me play better. because it all feels so new again.

and that makes me happy.




FRIDAY, APRIL 17th, 2009  2:45am

  so what am i going to do?...
between facebook, myspace, twitter, linkedIn, hi5, plaxo, & God-knows-what-other networking sites i have a profile on, how the hell am i suppose to keep all of my updates current?, let alone this blog.
i remember the good ol' days when i use to just call people up on the phone @ 1am and say, "matthew von doran has had a long day & is going to bed now.". or, "hey, i know you're at work, but did you know that if i were a country, i'd be yugoslavia?".
anyways, i actually love it all but i just don't have the time.
so i guess i am now here blogging about not having time to blog.

  on another note, i just got back from having dinner with peter erskine. he's in STL for the greater st louis jazz festival up at university of missouri.
  damn... i should've of just twittered you all and said, "he's eating a stuffed mushroom right now."


FRIDAY, MARCH 6th, 2009  1:43am

  checking in from midcal, during a trip to socal, it's amazingly beautiful here on the coast, up above santa barbara. we love to drive on the back roads of the US and see what we bump into. all this area is where they filmed sideways. we don't drink so a trip to wine country is all about the scenery.


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd, 2009  11:13pm

  i've had a few friends i know share with me that they are very much into reading biographies so i figured that was a just a thing that certain kinds of people gravitated to. so i now find myself in a similar way, only i prefer the medium of the indi documentary. i've also become quite enamoured of late with modern art, in large part to the magnificent exhibit here in the saint louis art museum. thus my fascination with jackson pollock, whose works, along with dekooning and the like, just showed here. i've just received the pollock documentary from netflix, after already watching the film by ed harris, and the doc on that woman who thinks she found a pollock at a thrift store. it appears i am going through various phases with certain figures whom i always knew of but only peripherally. last month, i watched the doc on patti smith, and suddenly became a huge fan. she's awesome. how could you not appreciate someone who writes amazing poetry, sings in a rock band & doesn't shave her legs?


TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10th, 2009 1:47am

  wow....let's just say that i am now working on a huge resentment for adobe & their spectacularly flawed program, contribute CS4.
and also, let us not forget directnic, my server for this site.

 do you see the date below of my last blog entry?
that's how long i've been dealing with trying to get my site and editing capabilities back up & running. ay yi yi.
so i'll now get back on keeping this blog active.
let's see...did anything cool happen in the last couple of months?....


WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17th, 2008 1:47pm

 due to a server failure, all the blog posts from the last couple of months have mysteriously disappeared. which is a shame because, as i recall, there were some choice stories in there. oh well. you can bet that there will be some great adventures to report on with the upcoming NAMM show.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 19th, 2008 1:07am

 i just got back from seeing steely dan at the fox theater. they were awesome!! keith carlock made the show for me. all those great tunes propelled by solid, aggressive drumming with an incredibly tight groove.

i didn't even know the dan was in town when my new good buddy, gary rich (see blog post 8/19/08) asked me the night before, "hey, what are you doing tomorrow night?". he had an extra ticket that was, of course, right up front. i love it when it works out spontaneously like that. plus, it's been a while since i've been to a concert of pop music that i grew up with that is a "feel good" kind of experience, you know, like going to see james taylor. i can't say, for instance, that i felt all warm & fuzzy inside when i saw return to forever perform 'romantic warrior'. that's more like watching a real cool documentary on the discovery channel.

 except there was no 'RTF' logo in the bottom corner of the screen.

MONDAY, AUGUST 11th, 2008 2:52am

 i just went on an incredibly cool road trip with my good friend, michael olivieri, who is the lead singer of the incredibly cool heavy metal band, leatherwolf. they had a show in kansas city so i drove out there to hang and then we were to come back to here and spend a couple of days in st louis. the day before he flies out to the show, michael gets a call from this other band he sometimes works with, desperado, which is an eagles tribute band. their lead singer got punched in the throat by his son (i assume by accident) and they desperately needed michael to come sit in. they had a show at the cumings county fair outside of omaha, nebraska. michael wasn't sure about busting up our trip we had planned for months, but i was like, "absolutely!". you can't ask for a better scenario for a road trip with a rock star buddy than adding a three hour jaunt up to a county fair in the boonies to hear a dead-on rendition of 'hotel california". i also know the guys in desperado so it was a guaranteed good hang. let me tell you...the drive from kansas city to omaha was a trip through the heartland of the fine USA. it was nothing but cornfields, grain silos, and gas stations whose clerks wore their farmers caps slightly a skew. also, cummings county is an hour outside of omaha so it was a real county fair. whenever i go the the orange county fair in california, i'm always struck by that aspect of american culture that we in elitist OC get a taste of. so this was almost like the difference between riding the matterhorn at disneyland, and sledding down the real matterhorn in switzerland (the biggest difference being that on the real matterhorn there isn't an abominable snowman that yells at you at the end of your ride). but i digress...

anyways, it was all an absolute blast and michael is the easiest hang, as well as a totally hysterical guy. we stopped in columbia, MO, to visit an old friend we both used to play music with and finally made it back to STL where i gave michael the abbreviated tour, replete with a visit to the city museum & the arch.

 speaking of the museums, i'm here in my new satellite office, the st louis museum of art, typing away on my macbook pro whilst sitting in the presence of some outstanding picasso's on the top floor, of which i didn't even know existed until today. this place is huge. it's so cool that it's all free and that they don't mind a guy sitting on the bench in the middle of the gallery, typing away on his laptop, with headphones on, listening to bach cello suites.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6th, 2008 4:37pm

 so my latest thing is to work on my computer here at the st louis museum of art. we have a huge park called forest park that, although not as large as central park in NYC, it is just as cool in all that it has to offer. there's a lot of streams & lakes, as well as the amazing zoo and a natural history museum. and best of all, it's all free! so i've taken to using the art museum as my satellite office because i find it quite inspiring to write music, blog and pay my bills whilst being surrounded by van gogh, monet, degas, frank lloyd wright, as well as a vast plethora of ancient works from around the world. there's no internet connection but i can still get work done. i just sit here on one of the nice benches in the middle of a gallery room with head phones on and i can work on composing tunes on logic pro 8.
how cool is that? i'm immersed in the highest of artistic energy. although the docents look at me kind strange. i probably shouldn't bob my head so much.



SUNDAY, JULY 27th, 2008 9:27pm

 so i just got back from LA after teaching for two weeks at the GRAMMY summer music camp. this time it was held on the campus of university of southern california instead of citrus college (my esteemed alma mater. when i say "esteemed", remember my talk about relativity in a recent post). anyways, it was a blast, as usual. the kids are great and they really pulled it together at the end. we put them through the ringer by throwing all kinds of musical situations at them and then watch them try to deal. sometimes we don't have to be intentional about it because when you have that many people doing that much stuff that intensively for two weeks straight, you're going to get some choice moments. it's kinda like in mutual of omaha's wild kingdom..."these scenes, whether actual or created, depict authentic fact." we instructors do our best to prepare them for a career in music so we sometimes try to expose them to the sometimes harsh realities of the business. one of my guitar students had his pedal board go down on him right before the final run-through of his set for the big showcase concert at the end of camp. he was severely tweaked by it all & i told him that that kind of shit happens frequently and you just have to quickly adapt, of which he did. i made a mental note at that moment that at next year's camp i am going to intentionally make gear failure happen at a semi-crucial moment for all my guitar students.
hey, they gotta learn. i just have to make sure i don't enjoy it too much when then start to freak out.

 on another note, as in "freaky small-world occurrences", remember my post about hanging out with gary rich, the shoe guy who's now carlos santana's buddy? (see blog post ) well, the last night of camp is where i get to meet a lot of the student's parents who come in to see the kids perform. one of the singer/songwriters who worked with my ensemble had her parents there and her father informs me that their neighbor in marin county is none-other than carlos santana. "wow, small world" i say, as i had just hung out with gary the week before. then i meet the father of this young trombonist from san francisco, and it turns out her dad is a trombonist as well and he plays in santana's horn section! how weird is that? in less than two weeks time i meet three totally different people who all are close to carlos. what does all this mean? probably nothing. i love santana, of course, but i would really think it was cool if i experienced this kind of small world connection to sting.



WEDNESDAY, JULY 2ND, 2008 3:16am

 so i just got back from a great (& quick) trip to tulsa, OK, to do a couple clinics at saied music. i love family-run music store chains because they're always the coolest people to work with and i like to see the "little guy" hold their own against the almost always evil big chain music store (i won't mention any names but it starts with "g", and ends with "uitar center"). anyways, i met the woodwind teacher for saied music at my clinic and he invited me to sit in with his band at a hip little jazz club in a hip little part of tulsa. i ended up playing with them all night and it was killin', as they say. i love spontaneous gigs. i left for STL at one a.m. and pulled into my sunday morning gig at my friend's church right in time for downbeat. i'm a little nuts with the staying up late &/or sleep deprivation. it's one of my super powers, which is great for late night creativity but sucks for early morning meetings.



THURSDAY, JUNE 19th, 2008  1:32am

 last night i went to see return to forever at the fox theater in downtown STL. it was pretty cool. i'd never seen them back in their day, the 70's, which is when i first got into jazz via fusion bands like RtF & mahavishnu orchestra. for the most part, they rocked and it was fascinating to see the huge crowd go absolutely ape-shit for instrumental music like that. go figure.

 what tripped me out even more was when i met this cool guy sitting near me, gary rich, who is a major huge executive at brown shoes (of the buster brown shoes fame). turns out, gary sat next to carlos santana on a plane a few years back and that's how carlo's line of shoes came about. yes, carlos designs women's shoes. so gary plays guitar, pretty much as a weekend warrior, but get this, he regularly sits in with carlos & his band...all over the world! just last week he played with carlos in brunei. they apparently have bonded over the years and are very close friends so he gets to hang. how cool is that?

 although i guess it could've been weirder...gary could have been an executive at a company that makes feminine hygiene products.



TUESDAY, JUNE 11th, 2008 11:47pm

 so i finally made it over to killer vintage guitars here in STL. it's a great little shop in a off-the-beaten-path of town near my house. they like to refer to themselves as "guitar mayberry" because everyone likes to hang out there like at floyd's barber shop in 'the andy griffith show". apparently a lot of guitarists who comes through town on tour makes sure they get over to there to check out the amazing collection of vintage gear. when i say "guitarists", i'm talking keith richards, rickey minor, jack white, and such. dave hinson, the owner, took me upstairs and showed me a completely beat to crap les paul special from 1957 that went for, and i shit you not, $145,000 dollars. as soon as he told me what it costs i suddenly held it like i was at the museum of art holding a rembrandt, which was ironic given that i could've taken my car keys and gouged the thing and it probably would've added value to it. i appreciate vintage anything, however, if i were to spend that kind of money on an instrument, i would buy ten brand new gibson L-5's. it's all relative as far as one's placing of value on any one thing. but i can't help thinking of how many people that money would feed in africa.



THURSDAY, MAY 25th, 2008  1:27am

 so last week was a blast as i got to hang out with the yellowjackets for a few days. they were in st louis playing at jazz STL's jazz bistro club. jazz STL is the midwest's own little lincoln center and they are a great organization that puts on a great series of concerts & they have a very extensive educational program. anyways, i got to see them play some new tunes off of their new record that features mike stern. plus, eric marienthal was subbing for bob mintzer and eric's my neighbor in OC so it was a bonus to see him too. it's funny...since i've been living here part time, whenever anyone i know is playing here in st louis, it's like you have to get together and hang because of the perception that you have this opportunity to visit someone you know who lives far away, even though we all live only an hour away (or less) from each other in LA & OC.



THURSDAY, MAY 15th, 2008  3:24am

 man!...i am having an absolute blast learning logic pro 8. i am relatively new at the digital audio workstation experience so it's all very exciting to me. most of my peers are pretty deep into this stuff and it appears i am the last one to finally learn what it's all about. i'm going through the apple training manual book and that's helping keep the learning curve shallow. this will all play a huge part in my composing the next album. let's hope i don't go overboard with the loops.



THURSDAY, APRIL 3rd, 2008  4:23am

 so, i was in my office and i knocked over my music stand and the corner of it landed right across the grill clothe of my mesa boogie amp cabinet and sliced a big gash in it. fortunately, it didn't hit the speaker behind it. but, this occurred in the same week i dropped a wall wart right onto the cedar top of my godin grand concert nylon string guitar that just happened to be sitting face up on the chair that i was standing over. it, too, ended up with a nice gash on the front of it. now, that drag is that i can accept sustaining gear injuries while you're in the heat of battle out on the road when a crazed fan rushes the stage and knocks a mic stand into the drums and then a cymbal falls into your amp's grille cloth and then everything catches on fire and get the picture. there's glory in those kind of scars on your gear. but when it's just tidying up your office...well, there's no honor in that.

 what might be even weirder is that i just typed this story while listening to sonny rollin's 'b. quick' off of tour de force. it's a wonder i could even concentrate.



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26th, 2008  3:24am

 the coolest thing happened last week...mike stern was in town playing at the jazz bistro, st louis's premier jazz club. while he was here he did a clinic at fazio's music store and i ended up driving him back to his hotel since i knew fazio's manager and i was heading in that direction. what a trip!....mike is a great guy with a real old school jazz personality. i went to a couple of the shows that week and they all played their asses off, of course. it was bob francescini on sax, tom kennedy on bass and dave weckl on drums. tom & dave are st louis natives, by the way. but what was really cool is that i got to jam with mike in his hotel room for a couple of hours on saturday morning. he just loves to play guitar. we had a blast.

i swear, i've had the best hook-ups since i've been hanging out in st louis. i still spend half my time in LA/OC but all the best career events have been happening in the midwest. go figure.



MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11th, 2008  10:46pm

 so i watched the GRAMMY's last night. they were their usual amusing selves (is that the right possessive? grammar chops leave a lot to be desired). anyways, as director of guitar studies at GRAMMY summer music camp, i feel obligated to watch the whole thing, just to stay in the loop. my favorite part of the show was when vince gill, after exclaiming, "i just won an award, and it was handed to me by a Beatle!", he said, "kanye, has that ever happened to you?". okay, that won't be funny to you unless you know the whole kanye thing about him being the supreme poor loser. actually, the best part was when 'the joni letters' won album of the year. i gotta hand it to the academy, they went with the high choice this year. the last time they did that was when steely dan got it in '01.

 ya know, the awards, they are what they are. it seems a lot of people go around saying they don't really mean anything. but if they won one, you know they'd be shouting it from the roof-tops. i know i would. i almost got nominated for best package of the year when my CD came out in 2004. even with an obscure category like that, i think i probably would've made  T-shirts, with something like...


for best packaging



SUNDAY, JANUARY 13th, 2008  9:45pm

 i just got back from toronto, canada, after attending the international association of jazz education 2008 conference. it was especially cool this time because i got to play with corey christiansen & vic juris in the band, MB3. we did a one hour concert on saturday in the really nice theater there at the toronto convention center. danny gottleib played drums and jeremy allen was on bass. and to top it off, we had a special guest appearance by dave leibman, saxophonist extraordinaire. the rest of the week was the usual shmooze-fest that i always enjoy. and it's not over yet for that story (shmoozing, that is) as the NAMM show in orange county, california, is going to start on wednesday. i'm playing with three different bands on three different nights. i've been to every NAMM show for over 20 years and i still have a blast. some people hate them but i always have fun seeing my friends i only see there once a year and, of course, checking out all the cool new gear. plus, you can't beat the people watching. but i gotta this point, all the rockers form the seventies and eighties are in their 50's & 60's and the jet black dyed hair, leather pants & eye liner just isn't working anymore.



TUESDAY, JANUARY 1st, 2008 11:11pm

 i did a very interesting gig last night for new year's. i wouldn't call it a "new years gig" per se, as i wasn't even playing at, or around, midnight. i participated in a benefit put on by the very cool marbles yoga center in downtown st louis. they were raising money for ovarian cancer research and held a 24 hour yoga marathon, replete with refreshments, a silent auction, and live music. they needed players fro the wee hours and that would be me. i was their man for the 3-5 am slot, as that is still a couple of hours before i get to bed lately. so i brought my nylon string and my looper and did trippy ambient backwards improvisations while a roomful of fellow night owls did numerous salutations to the sun. (or moon in this case). it's not the strangest gig i've ever done, but it was a fairly unique performance experience. once i played the grand opening of a pet store. i was paid in cat toys.







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